We are Gamers

One thing about PawByte is that we are passionate about completed games. We love games so much, we also make em. We also don't ship games with microtransactions, Day One DLC or just bugs everywhere.

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We are developers

Our passion for gaming and the underlying technology drives us to create. We're even developing our own cross-platform game engine design specifically with the Nintendo Wii U in mind.

Nintendo Wii U
We are an authorized Nintendo Wii U Developer OUYA
We are an authorized OUYA Console Developer

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We are diverse

PawByte is a small and efficient staff scattered throughout many races, nations and upbringing. From the psycho developer who quit his job to go full time indie to the exceptional Sprite Artist in Russia PawByte is held together by an invisible fabric nicknamed 'love of the game.'

Recent News

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PawByte is considering creating a new retail store and will love your feedback on what you think we need to do.

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PawByte working towards bringing Agriduel to the Nintendo Wii U

Chicago, IL USA – Agriduel(formerly known as Fields of Fresh), PawByte's first Role Playing Game( RPG) project has been submitted to the Nintendo for approval on becoming an official Wii U eShop title. The Nintendo Wii U offers a very unique way to play games thanks to it's innovative GamePad which has a touch screen embedded on it.

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